Happy Steel Week from Nashville!

This week brings me to Nashville, TN where CloudCalc is exhibiting at the NASCC 2015 (AISC’s annual steel conference).


Three days spent talking steel to the 4500+ engineers, designers, detailers, fabricators, academics, vendors, etc. who have registered to attend sounds like the makings of an engineering overdose.  But where others, less-stalwart, might be tempted to cry “¡No más!”, I actually came to Nashville with the intention of seeking out the engineering heart of the city above and beyond the convention itself.  Or specifically, in honor of Steel Week, my quest was to find Nashville’s most inspiring use of steel. Continue reading

Traveling Engineer: In Search of the Panama Canal

PA-1 Going on the road to bring you better blogs

“A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!”

A man – that’s me, check.  A plan –I worked out the itinerary for my weekend trip, check.  Panama – I landed at Tocumen International Airport as expected, check.

But a canal?  That one I wasn’t quite sure of.  For a while I was wondering if that was possibly a tourist hoax, like the the Jackalope or the Loch Ness Monster… Continue reading