Version 1.02.14 Released – Import/Export of Nodal Coordinates from/to Excel Files


CloudCalc is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.02.14, the application’s 34th update since its initial launch on June 2, 2014.  You can verify that you automatically have this latest version by clicking on the Help Menu – the bottom of which shows the active version number.  (If, for some reason it does not show this version, you may need to force a hard-refresh of your browser, via Ctrl-F5 on a PC or Cmd-Shift-R on a Mac.)

This release enables the Import and Export of CloudCalc’s Nodal Coordinate data from and to external files in the form of Excel’s XLSX files.  Data is exported in the format of Node – X Coordinate — Y Coordinate — Z Coordinate (where coordinates are expressed in the current units for length); imported data is expected to be in that same format, and also in the current units.  The data may have a header line or not (CloudCalc prompts for that), and the coordinates may correspond to the Y-Axis Up or the Z-Axis Up convention (the latter is automatically converted to/from CloudCalc’s standard Y-Axis Up convention upon Import or Export). Continue reading