Tech Accelerators, the New Software Startup Model, and Engineering Software


What’s better than spending time in Houston?  The only thing I can imagine would be having someone pay you to spend time in Houston…If that sounds right to you, I take pleasure in introducing you to the Surge Accelerator, one organization that is looking to do just that.

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Software Development – 1% Inspiration, 99% Validation


I love developing software.

I tell everybody that this profession is the new artistic frontier; with the software developer being the creative successor to the cave painter, Michelangelo, Picasso, and so forth.  Anything we can imagine, we can create – and with the tools available today, we can create quickly.  On a typical day I might wake up with new inspiration — some amazing new graphic trick, some slick tweak to the UI, or a game-changing feature; have it incorporated into CloudCalc by noon; show it off to – and get some wows from — a couple of lay people (who have no idea what engineers actually do); run it through some testing; and then release it to the world in time to knock off work around mid-to-late evening.

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