Imhotep: First Engineer, Physician, Chancellor, and…Deity?

Imhotep, looking as good today as 5,000 years ago

Most engineers know that if they work hard, they can aspire to working their way up the corporate ladder, higher salaries, and maybe a larger cubicle.  The most successful and ambitious of us may also eventually hang out a shingle as owner of our own consulting firm.  But did you know that there was one engineer – in fact the world’s first engineer – who achieved even greater success?  Imhotep, who lived in Egypt from 2650-2600 BC, was actually deified in recognition of his innovative career, taking his place in the pantheon of Egyptian deities alongside Ra, Isis, Horus, and the others.

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Presentando el Software para Ingeniería Estructural en la Nube!


(Note to my English-speaking readers — you may take a break from reading the blog this week.  I’ll see you back here next week.)


A todos los ingenieros estructurales en los países de Latinoamérica, me gustaría presentarles a, el nuevo software para ingeniería estructural, que funciona en la nube.  Les invito a visitar nuestro sitio, registrarse, y usar el software como quieren, de manera gratuita.

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Software Development – 1% Inspiration, 99% Validation


I love developing software.

I tell everybody that this profession is the new artistic frontier; with the software developer being the creative successor to the cave painter, Michelangelo, Picasso, and so forth.  Anything we can imagine, we can create – and with the tools available today, we can create quickly.  On a typical day I might wake up with new inspiration — some amazing new graphic trick, some slick tweak to the UI, or a game-changing feature; have it incorporated into CloudCalc by noon; show it off to – and get some wows from — a couple of lay people (who have no idea what engineers actually do); run it through some testing; and then release it to the world in time to knock off work around mid-to-late evening.

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Cloud-based Engineering Software? That’ll Never Work…or Will It?

Midrise Commercial

As founder of CloudCalc, Inc. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the structural engineering community to a new way of doing engineering analysis — in the cloud.


I know what some of you are probably saying:  “That’ll never work!  You can’t run engineering software in the cloud!  The cloud is for managing my finances,  paying my bills, and doing my banking!  The cloud is for streaming my music and movies!  The cloud is for managing all of my company’s customer relationships and sales pipeline!  The cloud is for sorting out my social life (yeah, I know, insert “engineer and social life” joke here)!  The cloud is for…well, for just about everything today except engineering software!”

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