CloudCalc Structural Version 1.02.21 Released – Zoom to Window, Running Nodal Coordinates

‘Zoom to Window’ now added to Zoom Options

CloudCalc is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.02.21 of CloudCalc Structural, the application’s 41st update since its initial launch on June 2, 2014.  You can verify that you automatically have this latest version by clicking on the Help Menu – the bottom of which shows the active version number.  (If, for some reason it does not show this version, you may need to force a hard-refresh of your browser, via Ctrl-F5 on a PC, or Cmd-Shift-R on a Mac.)

This release provides three new features to the software:  a ‘Zoom to Window’ capability, a Running Nodal Coordinates screen, plus Continuous Connectivity and LogIn Verification.

‘Zoom to Window’ is activated by clicking the  icon at the bottom of the Graphics Area, or by pressing Hot Key W (when the cursor is active in the Graphics Area).  Once clicked, the icon is highlighted, indicating ‘Zoom to Window’ is active.  At this point you can draw a window around the area you wish to enlarge by dragging the Mouse while holding down the Left Mouse Button.  Once the Left Mouse Button is released, CloudCalc zooms to the best fit of the selected area.

‘Zoom to Window’

The Running Nodal Coordinates screen, which shows the Absolute X-Y-Z coordinates of every node (either as calculated or as explicitly entered via the Nodal Coordinates screen), is helpful for verifying that the structure’s geometry has been entered correctly.  It can be accessed from the Input SubMenu of the Main Menu.

Running Nodal Coordinates Screen

The Continuous Connectivity and LogIn Verification feature now constantly checks to ensure that 1) your CloudCalc session has not lost internet connectivity, and 2) you are still logged into CloudCalc Structural on this device (for example, if you log into CloudCalc Structural simultaneously on a different device, you will be logged out of the previous device).  If either of these occur, your CloudCalc session will automatically be closed, and you will be prompted to log back into the program.  This assures that there will be no lost work, due to the browser session being disconnected from the cloud.

Remember, because CloudCalc is delivered via the cloud, we are always able to provide more convenient — and contact free — updates than you can expect from our PC-based competitors.  We have averaged one update every 8 weeks over the past 6 years.  Let us know, at, which update you would like to see next.

To learn more about CloudCalc, the scalable, collaborative, and mobile cloud-based engineering software — perfect for working from home — please visit: – Structural Analysis in the Cloud.  Register now and get a 30-day free trial!

By Tom Van Laan

Copyright © CloudCalc, Inc. 2020

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