Visit CloudCalc at NASCC 2017


Visit us in Booth 8095 to learn the benefits of using cloud-based engineering software

CloudCalc, Inc.  would like to invite all those attending this year’s NASCC — the Steel Conference (March 22-24, 2017 in San Antonio, TX) to visit us in Booth 8095.  Once there, you will learn exactly why CloudCalc — Structural Analysis in the Cloud –was selected by the AISC/Modern Steel Construction Magazine as one of the Hot Products of last year’s NASCC show! Continue reading

CloudCalc Invites NASCC 2016 Attendees to the Presentation, “Structural Analysis in the Cloud: What’s in it for You?”


Visit us in Booth 208 at NASCC to enter a drawing for a free Nexus tablet!

CloudCalc, Inc. would like to extend an invitation to all those who will be at the 2016 NASCC (the Steel Conference), held April 13-15 in Orlando, FL to attend our presentation.  The presentation, entitled Structural Analysis in the Cloud: What’s in it for You?, will take place in the St. George 104 room of the Gaylord Palms Convention Center, from 3:00-4:00PM on Thursday, April 14.


This presentation is intended to introduce the audience to the benefits that accrue by doing structural analysis on the cloud, specifically through the use of CloudCalc, the on-line browser-based, structural engineering software which analyzes steel structures to the AISC ASD and LRFD codes.  In this presentation you will see the following benefits: Continue reading

Crashing and the Cloud: Lessons Learned!



“We have very good news”, said the tech rep over the phone.

“Great, it’s about time I got some good news regarding a computer,” I thought.  Lately it seemed like the tech gods had been conspiring against me.


“The good news is that the repair will be completely covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Of course due to the extensive problems, we will have to send it back to the factory.  If things go well, we expect the repair to take approximately ten business days.  With 2 days shipping each way, you should expect a call from us in about 14 business days.” Continue reading

Structural Engineering of the Future!

2062, a Structural Engineering Utopia

When I was young, everybody knew what the future held.  Much as an earlier era had had Jules Verne’s novels to show them space travel and undersea living, we had The Jetsons every Sunday night on ABC-TV in 1962-1963.  Here our future world was clearly laid out for us — there would be robots to do 99% of our work; all buildings would be high on stilts, above the clouds; every person, place, and thing would be named after something related to outer space; and of course we would have jetpacks.  Yes it’s true that The Jetsons didn’t get everything right.  For example, teenage Judy Jetson was often shown confiding her secrets to her robotic diary, while in reality adolescents of today’s “future” are much more likely to broadcast their secrets onto the internet – one small detail that the show missed completely. Continue reading

Cloud-based Engineering Software? That’ll Never Work…or Will It?

Midrise Commercial

As founder of CloudCalc, Inc. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the structural engineering community to a new way of doing engineering analysis — in the cloud.


I know what some of you are probably saying:  “That’ll never work!  You can’t run engineering software in the cloud!  The cloud is for managing my finances,  paying my bills, and doing my banking!  The cloud is for streaming my music and movies!  The cloud is for managing all of my company’s customer relationships and sales pipeline!  The cloud is for sorting out my social life (yeah, I know, insert “engineer and social life” joke here)!  The cloud is for…well, for just about everything today except engineering software!”

Continue reading