Version 1.02.09 Released – CloudCalc now Incorporates Mexican Steel Profiles

IMCA-1CloudCalc is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.02.09, the application’s 29th update since its initial launch on June 2, 2014.  The highlight of this release is the inclusion of the structural steel profiles of IMCA, the Instituto Mexicano de la Construcción en Acero, A.C., as specified in the 5th Edition of the Manual de Construccion en Acero.

The IMCA profile types added to CloudCalc’s online library include IR (Perfil I Rectangular), IE (Perfil I Estándar), IS (Perfil I Soldado), TR (Perfil T Rectangular), LI (Ángulo de Lados Iguales), LM (Ángulo de Lados Iguales Milimétrico), LD (Ángulo de Lados Desiguales), CE (Perfil C Estándar), OR (PTE Rectangular and PTE Cuadrado), and OC (PTE Circular).

With the addition of the IMCA profiles, CloudCalc’s database now includes over 6500 structural sections, from the AISC (English and Metric), BS (British), IS (Indian), and now the IMCA (Mexican) specifications.

CloudCalc users are reminded that they can tailor their Local Member Library (the working list of steel sections) to include any of the sections present in the online database, through use of the Tools->Catalog->Member Types Menu command.  This command brings up a window with which the desired Specification (i.e., IMCA) and the section types (i.e., IR, TR, etc.) can be selected.  Clicking [OK] lists all online section profiles matching that criteria, any of which can then be added to the Local Member Library by Clicking Add to Local on that line item.  This video explains the process of managing the Local Member Library in detail.


Remember, because CloudCalc is delivered via the cloud, we can provide more updates faster than can software still tied to the PC.  With 29 updates in less than two years, that is an update every 3-1/2 weeks!  Let us know, at, which update you would like to see next.

To learn more about CloudCalc, the scalable, collaborative, and mobile cloud-based engineering software, please visit: – Structural Analysis in the Cloud.


By Tom Van Laan

Copyright © CloudCalc, Inc. 2016

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