CloudCalc to Present at NASCC 2018: “Structural Analysis in the Cloud: What’s in it for You?”


Collaboration? Device independence/mobility?  Always-up-to-date software?  Licensing flexibility?  Disruptive pricing?  Intuitive UI?  Quick startup and a short learning curve?  Structural engineers are accustomed to all these benefits of cloud-based software in every aspect of their life — EXCEPT in their work!  But now, CloudCalc brings these benefits to the world of structural engineering software.

If you are attending the 2018 NASCC (AISC’s Steel Conference), held April 11-13 in Baltimore, MD, we invite you to come by booth 2400 and learn how CloudCalc can help incorporate these advantages into YOUR work process, immediately.  Come by our booth and you will also be entered in a drawing to win a one-year subscription to CloudCalc!


Visit us in our booth 2400, or attend our workshop, for your chances to win a subscription to CloudCalc — and maybe even an iPad!

You can increase your chances of winning even further by attending our product workshop, where we will not only be giving out a second free subscription, but also an iPad — so you can run CloudCalc remotely at your job site!  Mark your calendars for Structural Analysis in the Cloud: What’s in it for You? (session EW26 on your NASCC App), which will take place in room 331/332 of the Baltimore Civic Center, from 7:00-7:45AM on Friday, April 13.  Here we will describe the benefits that accrue through the use of CloudCalc, the on-line browser-based, structural engineering software:

  1. CloudCalc promotes collaboration. Learn how using CloudCalc lets software and structural models be shared, ensuring that team members work in sync.
  2. CloudCalc promotes mobility. See how CloudCalc allows you to access, modify, and analyze your models from any device – whether that is the PC in your office, or a PC at home or in your client’s office – or a Mac, a tablet, or a smartphone.  Consider how much better informed your on-site decisions could be if alternatives could be analyzed right on the spot with your mobile device!
  3. CloudCalc is always up-to-date, all without IT support. CloudCalc has been adding new functionality at a rapid pace, with an update being released approximately every five weeks.  The advantage of a cloud-based app is that you always have access to the latest version whenever (and from wherever) you log on — without having to wait for your IT department to perform any installation or upgrade.
  4. CloudCalc provides licensing flexibility. Engineering firms are used to cyclic project workloads – how easy is it for you to balance your software licenses against that cyclic workload?  With the business model of perpetual licenses and mandatory maintenance charges that PC-based software typically offers, it is not very easy.  On the other hand, CloudCalc offers short term licenses (SaaS model) that match your project’s temporary needs.
  5. CloudCalc gets you up and running quickly. Quick to license…nothing to install…easy to learn…See how we can take you from purchase to billable in three hours!

If you can’t attend the NASCC, or can’t attend our workshop, I invite you to check out CloudCalc, the scalable, collaborative, cloud-based structural engineering software online. – Structural Analysis in the Cloud.

By Tom Van Laan

Copyright © CloudCalc, Inc. 2018

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