Article by CloudCalc CEO Featured in the SEAoT Journal


“The Dome – From Rome to Austin”, an article Tom Van Laan, CEO of CloudCalc, was published in the Summer 2017 Journal of SEAoT, the Structural Engineers Association of Texas.  


The mission of SEAoT is to support the structural engineering community, through continuing education, technology transfer, advancement of building code provisions, strengthening registration requirements, and enhancement of public awareness of the services provided by our members.

You can read Tom’s article, as well as the rest of the Journal, here: SEAoT Summer 2017 Journal.

More articles by Tom Van Laan are available at the CloudCalc blog.

To learn more about CloudCalc, the collaborative, scalable, cloud-based structural engineering software. – Structural Analysis in the Cloud.

By Tom Van Laan

Copyright © CloudCalc, Inc. 2017


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